PT.CITRA ABADI TEKNIK INDONESIA established in 2013 in Bekasi Indonesia. Since 2013
PT.CITRA ABADI TEKNIK INDONESIA built up a vast satisfied customer base, providing them
with various product that were specially designed to fit the customer
requirements. The flexibility to make nearly spray nozzle and other machining
part with top quqlity.

Today PT.CITRA ABADI TEKNIK INDONESIA stands for reliability as well as quality. Its wide
product range includes : Construction and Fabrication, Installation and Setting
Machine mechanical & electrical
Nozzle, Conveyor, Chain , Belt ,Tools, and various
other spare parts for almost any kind of machine.

Vision :
To build up PT.CITRA ABADI TEKNIK INDONESIA as a General engineering
construction, machining and trading company that
meets the world class standar.

Mission :
To produce a lot of products for almost any kind of machine,
which are more competitive in the global market and
benefits for the factory and other companies.